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Billboard Magazine Infographics
Below are infographics that were designed for Billboard Magazine. The infographics display popular tweets for the 2012 Year in Music Issue and music services and social media restricted at work.

Version 1: Tweet Talk

Tweet Talk, Final Version

Everything You Need To Know About GMO Laws
This infographic was created for The Huffington Post to illustrate the facts about GMO laws and to show different viewpoints among supporters and opponents of the legislation.

From Liking to Leading: Social Business Beyond Social Media
This infographic was created for IBM to illustrate the importance of social media within IBM's business strategy.

This infographic was created for 360pi to illustrate what showrooming is. Showrooming is the practice of examining merchandise or products in a store and then buying it online for a lower price. The infographic walks through the viewer defining showrooming, give examples on how it's happening, why consumers engage in showrooming, who showrooming affects, the results, and how retailers could prevent showrooming.

The World vs The U.S. in Employment Rates
This infographic was created after studying employment rates of many countries across a large timeframe. The challenge was to create an infographic depicting the information in however way you want with some level of analysis. Through visual graphics, I decided to display the average employment rates of the % working population, women, and across age groups by comparing the world vs the U.S. Since Americans have a "workaholic" reputation, I decided to pull out the U.S. so the viewers could guess how the U.S. would compare after viewing the averages across the globe.